Collection description: FRANCE STELE’S FIELD NOTES are the foundation of the France Stele Institute of Art History ZRC SAZUʼs index card database on Slovenian art monuments.

Period of creating: 1913–1969


Art historian France Stele wrote down his observations about all of the monuments he visited from 1913, when he became the provincial conservator of Carniola, until the end of the 1960s in his field notebooks, which were later transcribed and topographically arranged. The entries include data about art historical monuments, which are still preserved today, and about monuments, which have since decayed owing to wear and tear and have remained only in France Steleʼs notes. The index cards from letters A to Ž have been processed. 670 objects are presented, while there is a total of 1692 different notes.

The originals and transcriptions are kept at the France Stele Institute of Art History, Novi trg 4/II.

Zajc, R., Resman, B., 2006, Umetnostni spomeniki na slovenskem – Steletovi terenski zapiski, Umetnostna kronika, 13, str. 36.




Art history