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Dr. Ivan Stopar's collection


Dr. Ivan Stopar's collection encompasses a part of the material formerly owned by art historian, conservator, castelologist and veduta scholar Dr. Ivan Stopar, which was taken over by the France Stele Institute of Art History ZRC SAZU in 2019 and 2020. The collection includes library and archival material, facsimiles of medieval illuminated manuscripts, historical maps, graphics of vedute, folk costumes, and other artworks and personal items. It consists of more than 1700 units, which are all recorded and catalogued. The hand-coloured issue of Zacharias Bartsch's heraldic book stands out among the library material, while Wenceslas Bible stands out among the facsimiles. The collection also includes vedute of Slovenian places by Joseph Wagner, Josef Kuwasseg and Ferdinand Runk, as well as graphic depictions of Carniolan folk costumes by Franz Kurz zum Thurn und Goldenstein. An oil portrait of a nobleman from the 17th century is particularly noteworthy among the collection of paintings.

The collection is on display in Dr. Ivan Stopar's Study Room at the ZRC SAZU Research Station Maribor. The library material is available for viewing in Dr. Ivan Stopar's Study Room.