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Umetnost za turizem. Predstavitev projekta, njegovih rezultatov in smernice za oblikovanje turističnih produktov.
Art for Tourism. Presentation of the Project, Its Results and Guidelines for Tourist Product Design.

Author: Simona Kostanjšek Brglez
Year: 2022

The publication is the result of the 3-year applicable research project Art for Tourism. Art-Historical Contents as the Foundation of the Sustainable Tourism Development in Eastern Slovenia carried out between 1st April 2019 and 31st March 2022. The first part presents aims, goals and long-term effects of the project, which was carried out together with a research organization (ZRC SAZU, France Stele Institute of Art History) and tourism economy (Tourist agency Sajko turizem, d.o.o.). Next the main results of the project are presented – the 4 itineraries or tourist products that were designed. Two of the itineraries that have been implemented as pilot projects are presented in detail. The Bartholomew’s Route is submitted as an example of good practice concerning the application of product to local environment. The publication also provides guidelines for significant agents in the tourism sector about designing quality and innovative cultural tourist products that are sustainable and rich in contents. The last part of the publication lists other results of the project like scientific and research articles, monograph publications, lectures and presentations, guided tours, workshops and dissemination in the educational process.


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