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Ravnikarjevi bloki v Novi Gorici

Author: Alenka Di Battista
Year: 2021

Dr. Alenka Di Battista, employed at the Institute for the Protection of Cultural Heritage of Slovenia, Regional Office Nova Gorica, and until recently, a colleague of the France Stele Institute of Art History ZRC SAZU, is a connoisseur of modernist architecture in Slovenia. At the forefront of her research interest is Nova Gorica, a town built after the end of World War II. The entire town of Nova Gorica, the core urban plan of which was prepared by Edvard Ravnikar, one of the most prominent Slovenian modernist architects, is supposed to represent to the whole world a symbol of a modern and advanced new country. Ravnikar also prepared plans for residential buildings in Nova Gorica, which were the first newly built buildings in the town. Since there was a shortage of apartments in the rapidly growing Nova Gorica, the residents keenly anticipated them. The authoress describes the construction of the apartment buildings and the life in them as a reflection of post-war conditions and appraises Ravnikar's functionalistically designed apartments as ground-breaking in the design of the living culture of a wider area. Alenka Di Battista concludes her text with an appeal for a proper evaluation and protection of post-war modernist residential architecture.

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apartement blocks
architectural design
modernist architecture
Nova Gorica
Ravnikar, Edvard
residental culture
Slovenian architecture
urban planning


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