Portretna galerija škofov v zbirki mariborske nadškofije. Škofovski memorialni portreti od ustanovitve lavantinske škofije do mariborske nadškofije

Author: Ana Lavrič
Year: 2020

In the booklet, Dr. Ana Lavrič familiarizes readers with an extensive and invaluable gallery of bishops and archbishops of Lavant, Maribor-Lavant, and Maribor, kept at the Archdiocese of Maribor. The gallery was designed in the 17th century by bishop Maximilian Gandolf von Küenburg, who also commissioned depictions of his predecessors and placed the first bishop of the Diocese of Lavant, bishop Ulrich von Haus who was the head of the diocese in the first half of the 13th century, at the start of the line. Kuenburg envisioned the collection in the form of double portraits, which was preserved by his successors up until the middle of the 18th century. The collection is a reflection of the aspirations for representation of elite members of profane and secular power, characteristic of the humanism of the 17th century. Furthermore, the need for the preservation of the memory of important personalities through art images did not disappear even in today’s digital age. Consequently, the gallery in Maribor is being complemented with portraits of archbishops of the 21st century. Ana Lavrič listed the descriptions of the portrayed and their credits in chronological order and estimated the artistic power of the images. She recognized some authors of older depictions, while she also presented painters, who signed their works.

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