MoMoWo · 100 projects in 100 years. European Women in Architecture and Design · 1918-2018
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Abraham Rol, Janine; Aiani Galfetti Parisi, Luisa; Angelova Vinarova, Victoria; art design; Auf Franić, Hildegard; Aulenti, Gae; Aynard Putman, Andrée Christine; Bajerska, Irena; Bardi, Lina Bo; Borg, Elsi Naemi; Buscher Siedhoff, Alma; Campi, Antonia; Carducci, Laura; Conix, Christine; Constam Hubacher, Annemarie; Cooper, Susan; Cotescu, Maria; Crowford, Ilse; Crowley Medd, Mary; Dahlbäck, Marianne; Dam Kjaerholm, Hanne; Davydovna Katsenelenbogen, Tamara; decoration; Decq, Odile; Dekkers, Jeanne; design; Dietrich, Verena; Drew, Jane; Du Pasquier, Nathalie; Dullemen, Marlies Van; European architecture; exhibition catalogs; Fernandez Queimadelos, Rita; Ferrieri Castelli, Anna; Filo Speziale, Stefania; Fischer Zimbler, Juliana; Fleischmann Albers, Anneliese; Furet, Catherine; Gatt Stave, Sylvia; Gautrand, Manuelle; Gill Smithson, Alison Margaret; Girard, Edith; Grabowska Hawrylak, Jadwiga; Guyer, Louise; Hadid, Zaha; Hauberg Ditzel, Nanna; Helg, Franca; Heymann Marks Löbenstein, Margarete; Hoa Guillissen, Simone; Houben, Francine; industrial design; Jalk, Grete; Jiříčná, Eva; Kalin Vehovar, Nives; Koppel, Eva; Kropholler Staal, Margaret; Kruszewska, Teresa; Kuyken, Maria Cornelia; Lapajne Oblak, Sonja; Leboucq, Patricia; Ledeboer, Judith; Levete, Amanda; Liebe Brandt, Marianne; Lihotzky Schütte, Margarete; Lleó, Blanca; Lobo, Ines; Luzzatto Valentini, Elena; Magnusson Grossman, Greta; Manthou, Konstantia; Mariani Dameno Boeri, Maria Cristina; Marques Da Silva, Maria José; Marsio Aalto, Aino Maria; Martikainen Ypyä, Martta; Matos, Maria Helena; Moray Gray, Kathleen Eileen; Nunes De Ponte, Teresa; O'Donnell, Sheila; Parpagliolo Shepard, Maria Teresa; Paschalidau Moreti, Alexandra; Perriand, Charlotte; Pinós, Carme; Potiropoulou, Liana Nella; Quirina Bakker, Lucie; Raack Geyer, Ruth Hildegard; Raby, Fiona; Raposo, Catarina; Raspopović, Ivanka; Rataitz, Judith; Reich, Lilly; Reynolds, Mary; Scott Whitworth, Elizabeth; Škvarková Ondreičková, Ol'ga; Snel, Helga; Štarková Mecková, Viera; Staroveški Kučinac, Blaženka; Stölzl, Adelgunde; Štupar Šumi, Nataša; Svensson, Gunilla; Tagliabue, Benedetta; Terk Delaunay, Sonia; Urquiola, Patricia; Verschuuren, Nel; Vigo, Nanda; Vućović Bakić, Ljiljana; Vurnik, Helena; Witte Schüler, Ursulina; women; Zschach Kressmann Losito, Sigrid

This publication is aimed to support two MoMoWo traveling exhibitions which will be presented in six European countries in two years (2016-2017): indoor exhibition catalogue “100 Works in 100 Years. European Women in Architecture and Design. 1918-2018”, and outdoor exhibition “Women’s Tale. A Reportage on Women Designers”.
Exhibition catalogue 100 Works in 100 Years. European Women in Architecture and Design. 1918-2018 brings together a selection of some of the most significant and representative examples of European architecture and design created by 100 women from the end of the First World War up until today. The number of works is symbolic, as ‘one hundred’ could also mean ‘countless’ as in the Latin word centium.

While, the number of authors –each work has a different author– derives from MoMoWo’s choice to represent many different creators, consequently popularising lesser known figures, too. It includes biographies of women architects, civil engineers, furniture and industrial designers, urban planners, interior and landscape designers. It represents the main trends and major ‘schools’ of architecture and design all over Europe. The biographical data covers education and training, professional histories, networks women have operated in, including informal societies, memberships in trade bodies and associations, their profile as international, national, local and regional designers, as well as looking at how women have promoted their work i.e. in exhibitions, publications, competition entries, etc.
The catalogue entries are followed by thirteen thematic essays on women architects and designers and by the outdoor exhibition catalogue “Women’s Tale. A Reportage on Women Designers”, where photographs by ten finalists of the MoMoWo Photo competition are presented.
By seeking to identify women who worked in Europe as well as European women who worked outside Europe over last 100 years, the main aim of this catalogue is to increase the awareness of historians and the general public about their enormous contribution to architecture and design, and indirectly providing accessibility to their works.

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Emilia Garda and Caterina Franchini
About MoMoWo - Women’s Creativity since the Modern Movement (1918-2018)
Emilia Garda
Travelling with MoMoWo

History Does not Stand in a Single File. 100 Works, 100 Years, 100 Creative Women in Europe
Caterina Franchini
On Women Architects. Looking for a Room of One’s Own: On the Visibility of Professional Women and Associationism in Europe
Ana María Fernández García

100 WORKS | 100 YEARS | 100 WOMEN
List of Authors

About ChronoMoMoWo
Ana María Fernández García
List of Authors

Women in the History of Architecture and Design. Sailing to a New History
Caterina Franchini
Crossing Boundaries. Architecture, Design and beyond in the Age of the Pioneers
Elena Dellapiana
From the Embroidery to the Construction. Women in Design and Architecture: Domus 1928-1950
Caterina Franchini
To the History of Women Architects. Pioneers of North European Countries
Wenche Findal
Breaking Ground. Pioneering Women in Serbian Architecture
Aleksandra Ilijevski
The Access of Women to Architecture. The Situation of Spain’s Female Pioneers
Ana María Fernández García and Esther Rodríguez Ortiz
In Praise of Shadows
Stéphanie Mesnage
Spanish Design Made by Women
Alicia Menéndez Martínez
Maria Helena Matos. A Woman Leadership in Portuguese Design on the Late New State’s Dictatorship
Maria Helena Souto
Being Two then Being One. Professional Recognition versus Gender
Claude Kovatchévitch and Alain Bonnet
Modernism and Cross-Cultural Heritage: Moriko Kira Connecting the Netherlands and Japan
Marjan Groot
The Reinvention of Architecture in Democratic Times. Two Portuguese Studios Named after Women
Maria Helena Souto
‘True Life’ and Spaces of Museums, Monuments, and Libraries Mediated by Women Designers in the Netherlands after 1999
Marjan Groot

International Photo Competition Winners
Women’s Tale. A Reportage on Women Designers
Maria Helena Souto

Credits of Images
Index of Women Architects, Civil Engineers and Designers

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