Mariborski rotovž

Author: Polona Vidmar
Year: 2014

Maribor town hall, erected in the 16th century, is one of the most important secular buildings in the city. In the monograph, the author traces its history based on written sources, town vistas, photographs and construction plans. Special attention is paid to the stucco decoration of the present-day wedding hall, the symbols of municipal government, which used to be kept in the town hall, and to the former furnishings of the interior. Especially paintings represent an invaluable source for analyses of the role of the former Maribor town judges and mayors, their (self-)representations, and for studies of artists active in 16th century Maribor.

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Mariborski rotovž; Recenzije, Demokracija 32/XX, 6. 8. 2015

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