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Kartuzija Jurklošter

Author: Mija Oter Gorenčič
Year: 2021

The book introduces the history and art image of the Jurklošter Charterhouse since its foundation in the second half of the 12th century until the end of 16th century, when it was taken over by the Jesuits for almost two centuries. The decaying monastic complex was later managed by numerious managers. Today, only the substanially rebuilt church serves its original purpose. The history of the Jurklošter Charterhouse was marked by the founders and supporters from the European noble elite, which was, among other things, responsible for the unusal patronage of St. Maurice. The authoress places the fate of the monastery in the context of political events of the European Middle Ages, for which we have known for a long time that it cannot be described as “dark”. The booklet takes us into the life of the Carthusians, who decided for the strictest asceticism at isolated locations that are hard to access (others are Žiče, Bistra and Pleterje). Inside of them worked several exceptional priors, who are known as the most distinguished intellectuals of medieval Europe.

The text concludes with the question that has been troubling historians and literates for a long time: where is the grave of Veronika of Desenice, the great love of Friderik II, Count of Celje? After a detailed study of archival sources, the authoress proved that it lies in the heart of the Jurklošter Charterhouse.

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Counts of Celje (family)
Jurklošter Charterhouse
Veronika of Desnice


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