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Jurčičeva pot

Author: Mojca Zajc
Year: 2015

Each year in early March crowds gather in Višnja Gora in the Dolenjska region to embark on a popular walking tour along the so-called Jurčič route, commemorating the anniversary of Slovenian writer Josip Jurčič's birth. The route takes them from Višnja Gora through Muljava to the Krka River. Mojca Zajc's booklet discusses the origins of the route, its evolution and itinerary layout with all relevant locations and monuments. The main focus is on references to literary works in which Jurčič described his birthplace Muljava, its surroundings and the local population. Simona Kermavnar contributed the descriptions of churches; Renata Komić Marn edited the publication.

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Jurčičeva pot; Recenzije, Demokracija 23/XX, 4. 4. 2015

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art history
cultural history
Jurčič literary trail (Muljava)
topographical artistic inventory
Višnja Gora


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